Tracy's worried that Becky is trying to get her claws into Steve again. Deirdre tries to assure her that's not the case. Faye refuses to go with Owen to choose new fish for the garden pond. Steve's fed-up when he receives a letter from the Inland Revenue demanding back tax for Street Cars. He's sceptical when Becky reckons that she can turn the business around. Rita and Emily continue to bicker over who makes the best Christmas lunch. They finally agree to a cook-off. Steve persuades Karl to return to his job at Street Cars. Becky tells Steve that she's arranged a business meeting with the manager of a hotel who is considering giving his taxi contract to Street Cars. Steve asks Karl to cover the switch so he can join Becky at the meeting as he doesn't trust her to land the contract by herself. Tracy's jealous as she sees Becky setting off for her meeting, dressed up to nines. Jason's unimpressed to find out that Eileen's invited Paul and Lesley for Christmas lunch. Eileen insists that Jason gives them a chance and suggests they all meet for a drink. Carla meets with her solicitor who warns her that Frank's defence team will do all they can to try and make it look like she was having an affair with Peter. Becky's meeting with the hotel manager is going well when suddenly Steve arrives on the scene. Becky's annoyed. Tracy calls in the cab office looking for Steve. When she finds out he's gone to meeting at a hotel, she immediately suspects he's having an affair with Becky. Angrily, Tracy demands that Karl drives her to the hotel.


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