Episode 7760
Production code P694/7760
ITV transmission date 16th December 2011
(Friday - Part 2)
Script editor Verity Ellis
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Jack Ford
Caroline Roby
Kathryn Pugsley
Kate Brooks
Writer Joe Turner
Designer Alan Davis
Director Noreen Kershaw
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode 16th December 2011
Next episode 19th December 2011


Steve and Becky have a very successful meeting with Danny. Emily and Rita compete to make the best turkey dinner. Peter and Carla meet in secret at her flat but they're interrupted when Michelle arrives home early. Peter hides in the bedroom. Tracy marches into the hotel, convinced that Steve and Becky are having an affair. She pushes her way past the receptionist and starts banging on bedroom doors shouting at Steve to come out and show himself. The receptionist calls security. When Michelle disappears into her bedroom to unpack, Peter makes a run for it. As Tracy rampages up and down the hotel corridors, disturbing all the guests, she suddenly suffers terrible stomach pains and collapses in agony. Steve and Becky hug, delighted that they've landed such a lucrative deal. Becky suggests they book a hotel room and celebrate properly but although sorely tempted, Steve turns her down saying that he has to act responsibly now he has twins on the way. Becky's disappointed and Steve leaves by himself. Tracy is rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Gary returns home to find Izzy and Will having supper with Anna and Owen. He makes his excuses and slips away. Eileen and Jason meet Paul and Lesley for a drink. Lesley's illness is evident and Jason warns Eileen that she's mad to get involved. Hayley tastes the turkey dinners and declares the result a draw. To avoid further argument, she invites Rita and Emily to join her and Roy for Christmas dinner. Steve finds out from Karl how Tracy went to the hotel to confront him. Steve's bemused and assures Karl that he was there strictly on business. Carla and Peter agree to keep their affair totally secret until after the trial. Deirdre goes to find Tracy in hospital. Tracy's devastated as she tells Deirdre that she's lost the twins.


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