Gail arrives back to find her house is being used as a make-shift hair salon. David promises that he'll clear up the mess as they're moving back to the proper salon today. Kylie insists that she's going to cook Christmas dinner for the family. Gail and David are sceptical. Chesney and Gary get a cash-in-hand job delivering Christmas trees for the garden centre. They're unimpressed to find they have to dress as elves. Tyrone's fixing the wheel on Hope's buggy for Fiz but he's taken aback when Kirsty's very rude to Fiz and suggests that Chesney nicked the duff Christmas trees. Having loaded all the trees into their van, Gary and Chesney are ready to set off but the van refuses to start. Brian's put-out when Julie tells him that they're not having a Christmas dinner as she's made a donation to charity instead. At Kylie's insistence, Becky turns up to watch Max in the Nativity play but Tracy, Steve and Ken are hostile towards her and she leaves upset. As Sunita prepares the kids for the Nativity play, Faye has bout of stage fright and Katy steps in at the last minute to play Mary.

Nativity Play in Weatherfield Community Hall:

Innkeeper - Simon
Angel Gabriel - Asha
Joseph - Aadi
Mary - Katy
Shepherd - Max
Narrator - Amy

Chesney and Gary set off on foot across the fields. Chesney's worried that he'll miss the Nativity play. Sian introduces Sophie to the Reverend Douglas who agrees to marry them in his church. Sian's thrilled, whilst Sophie feels guilty. Kirsty tells Tyrone that he's banned from mixing with Fiz because of her criminal past. Tyrone's perturbed. Whilst playing the part of Mary, Katy goes into labour. Chesney gets a call from Fiz. He's beside himself worried that he'll miss the birth.


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