Paul thanks Eileen for being so honest with him and suggests he takes her out. Eileen's chuffed. Tina instructs Tommy to set up a lads' night out with Tyrone to get him away from Kirsty for the evening. Beth tells Eileen how she used to go out with Steve and she intends to win him back. Kirsty overhears Rita telling Norris that she's lending her car to Tina at lunchtime. Kevin tries to build bridges with Sophie but she's still not forgiven him for ruining her wedding. When Peter says he's off to meet Neil, his counsellor, Stella is slightly suspicious. Rita is horrified when she's pulled for speeding. Tina realises that Kirsty's behind it and the punishment was meant for her, not Rita. Michelle tries to talk business with Carla but it's clear that Carla's mind is elsewhere. Carla and Peter meet up in her flat. Kirsty's annoyed to find Tyrone out with the lads. Tina confronts her over Rita's speeding fine and Kirsty confirms her suspicions. Sally and Frank kiss passionately in the factory office. Unbeknown to them, Eileen and Beth are watching. In the Rovers, Kevin takes the mickey out of Beth. Affronted, Beth takes pleasure in telling him they've just seen Sally in a passionate clinch with Frank. Kevin's appalled.


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