Steve's spent the night on the sofa. Amy wakes him up. Tracy tries to pretend they've just had a minor falling-out but Steve makes it clear that their short marriage is over. When Paul appears for breakfast, Jason glares at him and leaves. Tracy calls at No.1 for her things and tells Ken and Deirdre that she's moved into No.13. Frank's trial takes place. As Carla tells the court how Frank raped her, she becomes emotional and breaks down in tears. Milton insists on visiting Roy's restaurant. Sylvia panics and lies, telling him that Roy owns the bistro. Tracy unwraps the wedding presents desperately feigning normality but Steve tells her that he's off to see his solicitor to put an end to this farce. Milton's impressed by the bistro but it soon becomes clear that Roy is not the owner. Sylvia admits she lied to impress him and Milton is sympathetic. Steve admits to Tracy that she's as legally entitled to live at No.13 as he is. Julie hugs Eileen and assures her that when it all goes pear-shaped with Paul she'll be there to pick up the pieces. Carla's uncomfortable when Frank's defence lawyer questions her about her relationship with Peter. She insists they're just friends. Tracy begs Steve to give their marriage a go for Amy's sake but Steve tells her that she's insane and he refuses to be blackmailed. Anne demands to know why Frank's barrister didn't use the photographic evidence of Peter and Carla's affair but Frank assures her that he's saving that bombshell for later.


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