Tina is surprised to find Jason in her flat. Jason explains how he let himself in and spent the night on the sofa as he no longer feels welcome at No.11. Simon is rude to Carla over the breakfast table. Peter tells him off. Tommy overhears Kirsty arranging a lunch date with a guy called Nathan. Tommy sees Jason coming out of No.12 and is immediately jealous. He confronts Tina who crossly denies there's anything going on. Realising he's overstepped the mark, Tommy apologises. Julie is shocked to see Paul and Lesley coming out of No.11. She tackles Eileen over it and Eileen explains they're just staying temporarily. In the factory, Carla, Frank, Michelle and Sally spend the day sniping at each other until Carla suggests they call a truce. Tommy tells Tina about Kirsty's date with Nathan. Tina insists Tommy should follow her and find out what she's up to. Audrey has a funny turn and almost collapses in the Street. Gail insists she sees a doctor. Brian and Ken discuss what it's like to be a teacher. Brian confides in Ken that he and Julie are trying for a baby but he can't bring himself to tell her that he's had a vasectomy. Lesley catches Paul hugging Eileen and wants to know what's going on. Tommy watches Kirsty and Nathan through a bar window as they affectionately greet each other. Tommy wonders how he's going to break the news to Tyrone.


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