Episode 780
Production code P228/780
ITV transmission date 5th June 1968 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Susan Pleat
Leslie Duxbury
Writer James Bryant
Designer Colin Rees
Director Tim Jones
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Producer Richard Doubleday
Previous episode 3rd June 1968
Next episode 10th June 1968


Maggie worries about Les. Gordon goes looking for him. Ena tells Maggie she knows who they are and listens to her. Maggie is pleased to talk to someone. Dennis is summoned to an executive breakfast with his boss. Val notices an ad in the Gazette with the Rovers' phone number: "Refined lady seeks stimulating opportunity. Anything considered." Dennis is annoyed when he lets it slip to his boss that he's married as the company are against married employees. Ena sits with Maggie all night. Dennis' boss is impressed that he left Jenny for the firm on his wedding night. Ray suggests that Len buys the Barlows' house and expands the business into his old house. Two youngsters, Dickie Fleming and Audrey Bright show an interest in No.9 but are dismayed at the asking price - £975. Gordon spends the night searching for Les in vain. Dennis is offered a job as area manager in Bristol. Ken discovers it is Emily advertising in the Gazette. Les returns at noon. When Maggie snatches a bottle from him he struggles with her. Gordon pulls him off her. Les hits the counter and hits the floor. There is blood on his brow.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


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