Episode 7817
Production code P694/7817
ITV transmission date 8th March 2012
Script editor Verity Ellis
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Jack Ford
Caroline Roby
Kathryn Pugsley
Writer Mark Wadlow
Designer Alan Davis
Director Griff Rowland
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode 5th March 2012
Next episode 9th March 2012


Frank's lifeless body remains in the factory as the police start their inquiries. Norris, Rita and Beth speculate outside about what might have happened. Kevin argues with a police officer, furious that the garage is closed, but it's part of the crime scene. At No.11, Eileen, Sean and Julie speculate whether Sally would be capable of killing Frank. Carla has had fitful sleep and on waking is desperate to find where Peter is. DS Nash arrives at No.4 to question Sally who is deeply traumatised. Sophie is comforting her. Sally admits she was very angry with Frank but points out that several other people had bigger axes to grind. In the Rovers, Karl dusts his precious television, taunted by Stella until Leanne arrives to break the news. Norris, Eileen, Julie, Sean and Ken observe the investigations. Michelle emerges from her flat, horrified to learn of Frank's death and sets off to break the news to Carla. At the bistro, Lewis is shocked to learn of Frank's death. Nick voices the possibility that it could have been Peter. Michelle breaks the news of Frank's death to Carla which raises further anxieties about Peter's absence. Carla decides to go to the factory. At the bistro, Gail voices her disapproval of Lewis. Nick is beleaguered. Audrey overhears her comments and tells Gail in strong terms to back off. Karl adjusts the satellite dish outside and tells Ken that he's sure there will be no more problems. Ken intercepts Michelle and Carla on their way to the factory inquiring about Peter's whereabouts. Carla lies and says Peter is crashed out back at the flat. The police remove Frank's dead body before the assembled group just as devastated Anne arrives. Anne tells DS Nash that he should arrest Carla. Beth tries to blag a cab ride off Steve to the supermarket but when Steve tries to radio a driver, he picks up the football match being transmitted from Karl's TV in the Rovers. DS Nash visits Carla in Peter's flat, covering for his absence. He grills her about her venomous relationship with Frank. She admits her hatred of Frank but denies she harmed him. In the Rovers, Tommy and Tyrone watch the football with Karl. Stella calms Anne with brandy. Sally arrives at the pub with Kevin. Sensing herself to be the object of suspicion, she rounds on Kevin reminding him of his wild temper, and plausible motive. Steve arrives to challenge Karl about the interference with the radio at Street Cars. Stella demands Karl removes the satellite dish. Dennis arrives and announces to Rita that he has a new job at a DIY superstore in Birmingham; she is clearly taken aback. Karl is on the roof of the Rovers removing the satellite dish. Stella removes the ladder and announces he can stay up there until the TV is removed by a potential buyer. Carla is alone in Peter's flat when he returns. She physically attacks him before breaking down, sobbing. Peter confesses he has been on a bender, and has no idea how he spent the night. When Carla challenges him about blood on his clothing, he presumes he must have been in a fight. Peter and Carla both realise how bad things look for them.


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