Sally lies unconscious in a hospital bed; Kevin at her side. Carla and Peter are in the flat. Michelle arrives agog with the rumours about Anne. Carla confirms that Anne did indeed kill Frank, and that she and Peter are in the clear. Dev tries to cheer a depressed Sunita and suggests a romantic meal. Sunita is irritable and tells him to leave her alone. In the factory office, Carla runs through the gory details with Michelle. A fed-up Kylie has spent another morning home-tutoring Max, who says he wants to go back to proper school. Sunita urges Karl to stop gambling but he tells her to mind her own business. The doctor advises Kevin and Sophie that Sally may require surgery to remove blood from the brain. Dev railroads a disgruntled Amber into babysitting so he can take Sunita out. Amber's furious as she was hoping to go to a party. Tina is getting ready for her date with Tommy. Whilst he waits, he discovers the list of "pros and cons" she compiled about him, screwed up in the bin. As Dev and Sunita leave for the bistro, Amber protests that she's missing her party. Kylie asks Brian if Max can return to school. Brian reluctantly agrees on the condition that Kylie behaves herself. David's pleased with Kylie for putting Max first. At the bistro, Tommy confronts Tina about the list. She apologises but Tommy is hurt and won't drop the matter. Over dinner, Sunita thaws towards Dev and starts to enjoy herself. Tina and Tommy have a full-blown row and Tina flounces out. Tommy is gutted. Sunita suggests to Dev that they skip coffee so Amber will still have time to go to the party. Outside on the Street, music is blaring. Amber has held the party at No.7. Dev and Sunita are horrified to discover Aadi and Asha cowering on the stairs. Kevin keeps vigil at Sally's bedside. Amber is defiant and accusing Sunita of never liking her, vows that she's leaving in the morning.


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