Episode 782
Production code P228/782
ITV transmission date 12th June 1968 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Susan Pleat
Leslie Duxbury
Writer Geoffrey Lancashire
Designer Colin Rees
Director Brian Mills
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Producer Richard Doubleday
Previous episode 10th June 1968
Next episode 17th June 1968


Elsie gives Dennis £125 of Steve's money as a wedding present from Steve. The floor caves in at No.3. Ray assures Dickie that the house is sound. Len promises to do it up for nothing. Dennis pays back the money. Jenny gets Ashworths to transfer her to the Bristol branch. Les asks the hospital if he can see a psychiatrist about his drinking. They tell Maggie it'll mean a long time in a mental hospital. Ronald Wilde gives Len another contract at £185 per unit. Emily prepares for an interview. Jenny makes plans over the phone with Linda in secret. The residents wish the Tanners luck and see them on their way. Len needs his house for storage and tells Ken he needs to buy No.9. Ken tells him that he can't have it.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


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