Terry bungs some cash at Owen and tells him to crack on with the building work. Tommy's not impressed when Terry offers him up as an extra labourer. Stella gets Karl to run her into town. She asks him where he got his new car radio from and Karl lies, telling her that his cousin gave it to him. With the childminder off sick, Kevin asks Pam if she'll look after Jack and have him overnight. Pam agrees and offers to keep Jack for the week. Tyrone, convinced that Terry has done some dodgy deal with the council, quizzes Deirdre about the Planning Department and Councillor Peake. Deirdre suggests that Councillor Peake is open to bribes. Mary puts the finishing touches to the flower tubs outside The Kabin, determined that they should win the Weatherfield in Bloom competition. Norris is shocked when she suggests they sabotage any rival displays. Anna's amazed when Mary offers to babysit for Faye whilst Anna does her first shift at the Corner Shop. Tyrone persuades Kirsty to accompany him to the Town Hall. Kirsty plays her police officer card and she and Tyrone inveigle their way into Councillor Peake's empty office. Julie and Brian attend their first baby scan. However they're worried when the sonographer can't find the baby. As Kirsty and Tyrone rifle through Councillor Peake's drawers, they're startled by the arrival of Peake with Terry.


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