Episode 786
Production code P228/786
ITV transmission date 26th June 1968 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
Andrew Mayer
Script editor Malcolm Lynch
Writer Geoffrey Tetlow
Designer Colin Rees
Director Tim Jones
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Producer Richard Doubleday
Previous episode 24th June 1968
Next episode 1st July 1968


Stan and Elsie return at 7.30am, watched by a gleeful Ena. In the Rovers, Hilda frets as to where they have got to while Annie stirs things up that something compromising is going on between the two. Stan tells Hilda they ran out of petrol and spent the night playing chuckstones. Dickie takes delivery of a swivel chair. Gary and Emily take Elsie off for another driving lesson before Hilda can catch her. Len tries to bring Maggie out of herself and makes her agree to go to the Rovers. Audrey tells Ena she's bought a wicker elephant. Dickie loves the chair but it turns out to be the Barlows' and the elephant is theirs. Ena accuses Hilda of being scared of confronting Elsie. Gary and Emily are terrified at Elsie's driving. With several drinks down her, Hilda confronts Elsie in the middle of the street as the neighbours watch. A slanging match ensues when Hilda accuses Elsie of scheming to get Stan on her own. Elsie tells her that she's not that desperate. Ken decides he'll have to sell the car to buy new furniture. Elsie crashes her car into the back of Ken's, just before someone is due to come and see it. Len moves into No.9 and takes Maggie into the Rovers. Len offers to fix Ken's bumper. Effie Spicer moves into No.4, next to Ena, who is not impressed with her airs and graces.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Len Fairclough (to Maggie Clegg): "We don't sympathise with people round here, you know. We understand them, and that's very different."


Hilda Ogden: "Well at least I've had the taste to stick with one man and not go chasing after every other fellah from 'ere to kingdom come."
Elsie Tanner: "I should think the reason for that is obvious."
Hilda Ogden: "What's that?"
Elsie Tanner: "Has any other fellah ever looked twice at you?"

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