Carla tries to get herself out of the hole that Leanne's revelation has landed her in. Leanne leaves and as Rachel Godfrey the CAFCASS officer tries to restart the interview, Peter is livid with Carla. Eileen watches as an emotional Paul delivers the eulogy but fears the worst is yet to come when an unmoved Yvonne makes comments throughout. Knowing that Sophie has seen them, Karl and Sunita panic but taking the initiative, Karl promises Sunita that he will talk to her and sort it. After the custody interview Peter is furious with Carla but after seeing how sorry and upset she is he softens, vowing together they are stronger against Leanne. Having been provoked by Yvonne, Eileen lashes out to defend Paul but instantly regretting her outburst, she jumps into a taxi and leaves Paul behind. When Karl tells Sophie that Sunita has been helping him with his gambling addiction, Sophie is left embarrassed that she has "got it wrong". In the Rovers, an uneasy Tyrone can only listen to Kirsty's plan to redecorate the nursery with their savings. As Eileen discusses Lesley's funeral with Jason and Sean, she is worried about her outburst at the funeral but when Carla arrives furious at missing the order deadline, it becomes clear that Eileen should be more worried about her job. Faye is left bored when Mary babysits. Tommy continues to feel guilty for having to lie to Tina and Tyrone about working late at the garage. Both Sophie and Sunita are relieved for very different reasons when Sophie apologises for jumping to the wrong conclusion. Eileen is shocked when Paul arrives at the Rovers and tells her that he wants her back. David and Kylie return excited from the bank and approach Eileen about viewing No.11 but they are stunned when Paul tells them that the house is no longer for sale, ripping the "For Sale" sign from the wall and embracing a thrilled Eileen.


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