The residents prepare the Street for the Diamond Jubilee party, which begins with everyone in fancy dress:

Anna - Dolly Parton
Dev - Adam Ant
Stella - Dusty Springfield
Sunita - Beyonce Knowles
Karl - Tom Jones
Jason - Elvis Presley
Eva - Madonna
Beth - Britney Spears
Steve - John Lennon
Tracy - Cher
Faye - Sporty Spice
Owen - Kenny Rogers
Sean - Freddie Mercury
Maria, Marcus and Liam - The Osmonds
Kylie - Amy Winehouse

Rita tells Audrey, Emily and her bridesmaid Tina that she's forgiven Dennis and she's going to marry him. Dennis remains on tenterhooks wondering if Rita will turn up at the Register Office. Rick delivers the drugs to Tommy. Tina begs Tommy not to go through with it but Tommy's adamant that he's no choice. Sean prepares sixty hotpots for the Street party and wedding reception but can't cook them at the bistro as the oven's broken. Sean panics over how he will finish the hotpots, however Roy and Hayley allow him to use the cooking facilities in the café. Tina slips out of Rita's flat and finds Tommy in the garage loading the drugs into the car. In a desperate bid to stop him going through with the job, she locks him in the office and speeds off in the car with the drugs. Tommy breaks out of the office and goes to find Tyrone at No.9. He tells Tyrone that he's in big trouble and needs Kirsty's help. Tina parks up next to the canal and phones Rick. She demands that he comes to see her telling him that he's dealing with her from now and not Tommy. Rita's worried at Tina's disappearance and leaves several messages on her mobile. Tina phones Tommy and orders him to stay at No.9, not to leave the house and not to answer the phone to Rick. Dennis waits nervously with Ken, his best man, at the Register Office hoping Rita's going to show up. Karl and Sunita sneak off to the Corner Shop where they kiss passionately. Recognising Rick, but mistaking him for a friend, Rita asks him if he's seen Tina. Rick dupes Rita into thinking Tina sent him to collect her and cajoles Rita into the back of his car. Innocent Rita gets into the back of Rick's car thinking that she's setting off for her wedding.


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  • An uncredited Joseph Brown appears in this episode played by twins Ronnie & Tommy, whose surnames are unknown.
  • Location recording for Weatherfield Register Office took place at Ryecroft Hall in Audenshaw.
  • TV Times synopsis: Tina takes matters into her own hands, determined not to let Tommy go through with Rick's job; and the locals get ready for the Jubilee fancy-dress party.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,930,000 viewers (20th place). This was the lowest-rated episode of the year
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