Leanne tells Peter he'll be receiving a solicitor's letter formalising the arrangements over Simon. Peter tells Carla that he's failed as a father. Sean tries to surprise Marcus with a full English breakfast but Marcus admits that he's already had breakfast with Aiden from work. Sean's put-out. Hayley tells Mary and Norris about her dance classes and lets slip to Mary how Norris won a trophy for his ballroom dancing in Blackpool. Mary's impressed. When Sunita arrives for work in a low-cut blouse, Eva snaps at her to button it up. Sunita explains to Karl that Eva warned her off and suspects their affair. Karl's worried that she might tell Stella but Sunita's unsympathetic. Eva lays her cards on the table and begs Nick to take her back. Nick tells her that it's never going to happen as he's in love with someone else. Eva's gutted and desperately upset. Stella and Leanne rally round, doing their best to comfort her. To appease Sean, Marcus offers to take him to the bistro for dinner. Under pressure from Mary, Norris agrees to go dancing at the Weatherfield Community Centre. Mary's thrilled and likens to them to Fred and Ginger. Nick admits to Audrey that he's still in love with Leanne. Audrey reckons he should tell her as he's nothing to lose. Sean's looking forward to a romantic evening with Marcus but when Marcus arrives home with Aiden in tow, Sean's seriously miffed. Nick calls in the Rovers and taking Leanne to one side confesses his undying love for her. Leanne's taken aback. Eva is gutted when she walks in on the pair.


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