Emily and Lucille frantically prepare for a Gamma Garments sale suddenly imposed on them by head office. A queue builds up outside the shop. Emily receives a call to say that Mr Papagopolous is calling round later that day. Effie invites Ena round to try and convince her that nothing untoward was happening between her and Jack. Ena tells her that Annie won't be as understanding as her. As Jack goes off to a brewery meeting, Annie questions him as to why he got in so late. Minnie is shocked to discover that Ena is considering telling Annie. Talk of the foxtrot in the Corner Shop reminds Maggie about a sermon she once heard from a vicar and she quotes it, disconcerting Jack when he comes in. Lucille tells Gordon she'll stop seeing Ray to please him. Emily is bedraggled as the sale continues. Two removal men suddenly appear and start to take out the shelves and stock. They inform Emily and Lucille that it's on the orders of Mr Papagopolous. Emily rings him and finds out that he is closing the branch down and they are fired. She tells him he is a "mindless, miserable, money-grabbing slob" among other insults from her and Lucille. They rebel by using the shop phone to ring family and friends long-distance. Gary sends a delighted Elsie a cheque for £175 when he sells the car with another £25 promised. Len tries to stop her taking Ray in on the basis of her new fortune but she refuses. Effie asks Elsie's advice on how to deal with Ena. Elsie promises to speak with Annie herself. Ena tries to tell Annie in the Corner Shop but she is distracted with her own thoughts and doesn't listen. Elsie uses a ruse to get Annie into the back of the Rovers to talk to her, just ahead of Ena and Effie coming into the Rovers. Emily remembers Mr. Swindley as she sadly locks up at Gamma for the last time. Elsie tells Annie about the dancing before Ena can stir it. Annie pretends to laugh it off but is furious and, when alone, throws Jack's photo across the room.


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