Episode 7911
Production code P694/7911
ITV transmission date 18th July 2012
Script editor Sarah Mann
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Jack Ford
Catherine Perrin
Lee Mattinson
Writer Jayne Hollinson
Designer Alan Davis
Director David Kester
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode 16th July 2012
Next episode 19th July 2012


Norris is bemused to find Mary studying a magazine on steam trains. Sophie talks Steve into paying her £50 to clean No.13 to get the house ready for Kevin moving in. In the café, Mary steers the conversation round to steam trains. Roy's impressed and offers to play her some of his steam train records. Mary's thrilled. Rob gives Eva a job as machinist at Underworld. Michelle points out that she's got no experience and he's only hired her because he fancies her. When Nick shows a potential buyer round the bistro, Gail tries to scupper the deal. Stella tells Leanne that she should reconsider moving Simon away from his family as they'll all miss him. Ryan arrives back from university. He finds Sophie cleaning No.13 and insists that she downs tools and shares a few cans with him. Leanne tells Nick that she's changed her mind and doesn't want to move away. Julie, Beth and Izzy are appalled at Eva's lack of sewing skills, but Rob makes light of it and invites Eva out for dinner. The girls are fuming. Ryan tosses a smouldering match into a pile of paper in No.13. Dev and Sunita return from viewing a wedding venue. Dev's disappointed that it's booked up for the next year but Sunita is relieved. Jason swears to Maria that he knew nothing about last night's set-up and they agree to be friends. Ryan tries to kiss Sophie in the backyard of No.13. Sophie pushes him away appalled. Steve, Kevin and Michelle enters No.13 to discover the curtains on fire. Kevin and Steve argue over who's going to pay for the damage. Kevin tells Steve that he can keep the house as he's no longer interested. Sophie's mortified whilst Ryan finds the whole thing amusing.


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