Michelle points out that suing Carla would be a bad move, but Ryan tells her that's what insurance companies are for. Michelle despairs. Dev's delighted to hear that Sunita's given up her job at the Rovers. Rob's suspicious about Ryan's injury and reckons that he's taking them for a ride. Michelle defends her son, adamant that he's not a liar. Sunita starts work back in the Corner Shop. Dev arrives in a state of excitement and tells her that the wedding venue's had a cancellation and they can get married on 1st September. Sunita does her best to hide her dismay. Rob calls Ryan into the office hoping to talk some sense into him but to no avail. Ryan hobbles out telling Rob that he'll see him in court. Rob's furious. Rita and Dennis arrive back from honeymoon to be greeted by Tina and Tommy. Rob and Eva hatch a plan to prove there's nothing wrong with Ryan. At Dev's request, Julie agrees to make Sunita's wedding dress. She bombards Sunita with ideas until Sunita loses her temper and tells her to go home. At Tracy's insistence, Leanne interviews her for a job in the bookies. Tracy admits that she hates sports and she thinks gamblers are a bunch of morons. Fiz, Izzy and Tyrone prepare No.9 for Kirsty's baby shower party. Eva lures Ryan on a date. She flirts with him and gets him to admit there's nothing wrong with him. When Tracy fails to get the job in the bookies, she asks Leanne if she can rent the flat instead. However, Beth arrives to collects the keys and Tracy's gutted to realise that she's beaten her to it. While Ryan's getting the drinks in, Eva texts Rob. Rob tells Michelle that he's got something to show her. Rob and Michelle arrive in the bar just in time to see Ryan performing a celebratory dance by the pool table.


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