Episode 7917
Production code P694/7917
ITV transmission date 25th July 2012
Script editor Catherine Perrin
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Jack Ford
Lee Mattinson
Writer Martyn Hesford
Designer Alan Davis
Director John Anderson
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode 23rd July 2012
Next episode 26th July 2012


Karl's spent the night in his cab. Gary fusses over Izzy and tells her that she should be taking it easy. Lloyd calls to see Dev. After a sleepless night, Dev looks terrible and admits that he still loves Sunita and just wants her back. Sunita tracks Karl down to the café. Karl's adamant that he'll do everything he can to put things right with Stella. Sunita's disappointed. Karl calls in the Rovers. Stella agrees to hear him out. Karl tells Stella that he's always loved her, and Sunita was just a bit of fun and begs her to take him back. Stella, shaking with rage, throws him out telling him that she hates him and they're over forever. Lloyd sacks Karl and tells him that he's no longer welcome at Street Cars. To David's annoyance, Kylie invites Ryan to join them for a drink. Ryan's drunk and wired and Kylie thinks that he's hilarious. Marcus suggests to Sean they meet for a coffee. Sean's hopeful that Marcus still has feelings for him. Maria spends the day with Jason and Liam. Marcus feels put-out and suggests to Maria that he's in the way and should move back to London. Maria won't hear of it. On Anna's advice, Gary apologises to Izzy for making her feel smothered and promises not to fuss so much in future. Izzy's grateful. With nowhere else to go, Karl turns up on Sunita's doorstep with his belongings. Sunita's thrilled and declares that they're now officially a couple. Karl's uneasy. Dev calls at No.7 hoping to persuade Sunita to give their relationship another chance, but he's devastated upon finding Karl there.


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