Audrey looks up recipes. Hilda simmers about Stan and the woman at No.19 Inkerman Street, knowing that he under-charged her, and likens the situation to Effie and Jack, giving Annie pause for thought. Ray returns early for a cup of tea. Elsie makes it quite clear that she can handle his cheek. Hilda calls on Audrey to sign her up for Stan's window cleaning. She is baking a cake for Dickie's birthday but ruins it. Hilda takes it off her hands and hears from Audrey that she had no cake, photographs or bouquet for the wedding and grows suspicious. Jack visits Effie who tells him that he's not being fair to Annie by continuing to wind her up. Stan rejects Audrey's cake as inedible and dumps it on the Rovers bar. Annie asks Hilda to take a note to Effie inviting her round that evening. She does so and finds Jack with Effie. Ena gives Audrey a cake mixture and helps her with the cooking. Hilda is stopped from telling Annie about Jack when he appears suddenly from the back. Instead she quickly changes tack and suggests that the Flemings aren't really married, much to Jack's amusement. Dickie is delighted with his cake. Stan and Hilda argue about Inkerman Street. Ray drops a hint to Elsie that he fancies her, making her feel uncomfortable. Annie gives the burnt cake back to Dickie as a present, making Audrey feel guilty when he praises her cooking. The residents enjoy it when Effie turns up at the Rovers to see Annie. She entertains her to coffee, asking her sweetly to stay totally away from Jack in future. Jack is on hot bricks in the bar as he awaits the outcome of the meeting. Elsie assures Len that she can handle Ray. Annie thinks all is sorted out with Effie but is back to square one when Jack gives Effie her signed application to join the bowling club. Annie suggests to him that this means that they each go their separate ways from now onwards.


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  • This episode had no cast credits, only production credits.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ray plays a teasing game with Elsie
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,800,000 homes (7th place).
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