Episode 7933
Production code P694/7933
ITV transmission date 16th August 2012
Script editor Catherine Perrin
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Jack Ford
Lee Mattinson
Kate Brooks
Writer Ellen Taylor
Designer Alan Davis
Director Duncan Foster
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode 13th August 2012
Next episode 17th August 2012


Deirdre confronts Steve and Michelle in the Street, furious with them for having an affair behind Tracy's back. Michelle rounds on Steve, realising that he chickened out of telling Tracy about their relationship. Karl starts work at Underworld. Eva's upset with Rob for giving him a job. Deirdre breaks the news to Tracy that Steve is back with Michelle. Izzy and Gary attend an adoption meeting. However their plans to adopt are thwarted when Izzy reveals that Gary has a criminal record for assault. Mary calls in The Kabin to say goodbye to Norris. Masking his feelings, Norris wishes her a pleasant trip. Tracy berates Steve for going behind her back and snogging Michelle in front of Amy. She bitterly tells Steve that Michelle's just using him but Steve insists it's Michelle that he wants and not her. Hayley calls in on Mary in her motor home and apologises for the things she said and explains how she was just jealous of her blossoming relationship with Roy. Mary's touched and when Hayley asks her not to leave, Mary agrees. Gary's furious with Izzy, blaming her for scuppering their chances of adoption. Izzy's deeply upset. Desperate to help, Katy offers to be a surrogate mother for Gary and Izzy's baby. Gary's thrilled at the idea but Izzy thinks it's crazy. Hurt and angry, Tracy vows to Deirdre she's going to make Steve and Michelle's lives hell. Hayley leads Mary to the café and suggests that she and Roy have a game of chess. Roy's moved by Hayley's generosity and Mary's pleased to be reunited with her soul mate. Norris goes looking for Mary, but finds her motor home empty. In a fit of temper, Gary accuses Izzy of finding every excuse she can to avoid motherhood. Izzy's left reeling.


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