Katy persuades Izzy that her offer to be a surrogate mum isn't so implausible and that they should consult Dr Carter to see what he thinks. Owen spots Gary as he hurries into the medical centre. Izzy, Gary and Katy explain to Dr Carter that they're considering surrogacy. Dr Carter warns them of the pitfalls and the fact each course of IVF will cost £7,000. While Karl is in Rob's office, Eva sabotages the order by swapping the labels on the boxes. Gary insists that they'll find the £7,000 from somewhere. Izzy promises to think about it. Kevin puts up a set of shelves at No.13 while Sophie minds Jack. As the christening party prepares to leave for the church, Owen can sense there's something going on between Izzy and Gary but they remain tight-lipped. Tracy arrives back from hospital with Deirdre. Michelle, unaware of the animosity, asks Tracy if she's feeling better. Tracy flies into a temper and accusing Michelle of stealing her man, grabs her and starts fighting with her. Rob pulls the girls apart. At Joseph's christening, Owen quietly questions Gary, demanding to know what he was doing in the medical centre. Gary's evasive. When Rob gets a call from an irate customer to say they've received the wrong order, he's fuming and sets off looking for Karl. Eva's delighted that her plan went so well. Under pressure from Owen, Gary admits that he, Izzy and Katy consulted the doctor about the possibility of Katy becoming a surrogate mother. The christening grinds to a halt and the congregation sit in stunned silence as Owen shouts at Gary telling him that there's no way Katy is having a baby for him.


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