Katy refuses to be dictated to, and warns Chesney not to make him choose between him and her sister. Chesney storms off. Michelle's irked to see Ryan chatting to Tracy. They enjoy winding her up. Eva tries to apologise to Rob for acting childishly over Karl, but Rob's inscrutable. Izzy worries that Katy's risking her relationship with Chesney. Gary's pleased when Katy says she doesn't need Chesney's approval but Izzy's doubts remain. Gary overhears Owen pouring poison in Chesney's ear and urging him to stand up to Katy. Gary furiously accuses Owen of pretending to accept the idea, while getting Chesney to do his dirty work. Chesney insists that his fears are his own. Tyrone cries off his meal at Tina's flat, preferring to be alone. Tina has no choice but to comply, and delivers a portion of dinner for him to eat in the garage. Eva hopes that Rob will thaw towards her but he ignores her attempts to make amends. Despite Gary's best efforts to convince her otherwise, Izzy decides that Katy should not be a surrogate for them. Gary's gutted. Anna referees as Chesney and Katy row, and makes them see that they each have a valid viewpoint. Chesney thinks Katy's acting out of guilt because of Izzy's disability. Paul fails to wake in time for a shift at work and blames Kevin for jeopardising his job. Eva invites Rob to watch a DVD with her upstairs when he's finished his drink in the Rovers. Rob's non-committal and flirts with Stella as soon as Eva's out of the way. Stella deftly knocks back his attentions so Rob heads off. Katy's calmed down and admits to Chesney that she would choose him over Izzy if forced. Chesney makes her see that Izzy's situation is not her fault and she shouldn't feel responsible. Gary and Izzy arrive to say they don't want Katy to be the surrogate any more. However with Chesney's blessing, Katy agrees to go ahead. Anna's angry with Owen for lying to her and sneaking to Chesney behind her back. Sick of having to smooth things over when he starts a row, she throws him out.


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  • An uncredited Joseph Brown appears in this episode played by twins Ronnie & Tommy, whose surnames are unknown.
  • TV Times synopsis: Chesney shares his reservations about the surrogacy with Katy; and Rob calls a truce with Eva, but later grows closer to Stella.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,920,000 viewers (4th place).
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