Tommy's horrified at Tina's revelation but Tina makes him swear not to say anything as it will only make matters worse for Tyrone. Kirsty and Tyrone agree to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. As Tyrone prepares breakfast he scalds himself on the kettle. Kirsty's concerned and bandages up his hand for him. Sunita puts pressure on Karl to find a job, pointing out that they can't continue to live off Dev. Rob shows off his new suit to Michelle as he heads off to meet a client. Maria tells Jason that she's arranged for them to spend the evening with Marcus and his boyfriend Aiden. Jason's not keen. Ryan bumps into Rob and slops coffee down Rob's new suit. Michelle tries to sponge it clean but Rob's livid and hurries home to change. He tells Michelle that he'll meet her in the bistro to debrief her on his client meeting. Steve's discomfited. Tyrone arrives for work with his hand in a bandage. Tommy quietly suspects Kirsty of foul play. Steve confides in Lloyd of his worries about Rob and Michelle's relationship. Lloyd reckons that he's nothing to worry about. When Ryan arrives for work, Steve hands him some gig tickets explaining that he can no longer attend. When Tina sees Tyrone's hand she insists on taking him back to the flat to re-bandage it for him. Karl excitedly tells Sunita how his mate Tez has offered him a job lot of Chinese smoke detectors for £500 and suggests that she takes the money from her and Dev's joint bank account. Sunita's not convinced. Tyrone thanks Tina and assures her that the burn was an accident, but as they leave the flat, Kirsty sees them and flies into a rage accusing them of having an affair. Tommy's quick to defend Tina and unable to help himself, turns on Kirsty, telling her how he knows she's been abusing Tyrone and she makes him sick.


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Steve McDonald: "Listen, I can still look good, as good as that flippin' Rob can anyway. Never mind all the money 'e spends on suits, I can still turn 'eads."
Lloyd Mullaney: "Absolutely mate, the question is which way?"

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