Rita is horrified that Tina is considering selling her body for surrogacy. Tommy's deeply upset and resigned to the fact that she won't change her mind. As Beth makes her getaway from her disastrous date, she thanks Kirk for coming to her rescue. Kirk's thrilled to think that he's her knight in shining armour. Rita barges into the Rovers and demands a quiet word with Tina. Rita implores Tina to rethink her plan but Tina insists that she'd be helping both Gary and Izzy as well as Tommy. Rita offers to give her the money out of her savings but Tina refuses to take it. Lloyd calls at Mandy's house with the bracelet, but Mandy clearly isn't pleased to see him and after a quick cup of tea, ushers him out telling him that she'd rather forget the past. Lloyd leaves, deflated. Sunita starts work back at the Corner Shop. Dev makes it clear that theirs is now purely a working relationship. When the van runs out of petrol, Kirk and Beth find themselves spending the evening together. They enjoy each other's company and Kirk makes Beth laugh. Tina returns home to find Tommy gone. She breaks down and sobs her heart out. Owen finds Tommy at the bus stop about to leave. He tells Tommy what an amazing girl Tina is and how he'll never find anyone like her again. When Gloria reads about a "Pub of the Year" competition in the Lancashire Leisure magazine she forms a plan. Beth thanks Kirk for a wonderful evening and it's clear that she fancies him. As tearful Tina prepares for bed, she hears the front door. Tommy enters and promising her that they'll sort their problems together, the couple are reunited.


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