Mandy and Lloyd are loved-up after spending the night together. They're shocked when Steve suddenly appears from the spare bedroom. Steve explains that he's split up with Michelle and needed somewhere to crash. Lewis assures Audrey that he's going to get a job so he can pay her back. Lloyd quizzes Steve about his break-up with Michelle. Steve seems strangely calm about it and Lloyd becomes deeply suspicious. David voices his and Gail's suspicions about Lewis to Audrey telling her they reckon that he's in cahoots with Penny Thornley. Audrey's quick to rebuff David's theory. Tracy's in her element watching Michelle fret over Steve. When Steve calls at the flat for his stuff, Michelle begs him to sit down and talk to her but Steve ignores her pleas. Tracy basks in Michelle's misery. Steve cruelly tells Michelle how he was simply using her and leaves. Michelle's shocked and completely bewildered. Steve confides in Lloyd that dumping Michelle is just a ruse to split up Tracy and Ryan and that once he's successfully done that, he and Michelle will get back together. Lloyd thinks he's playing a dangerous game. Lewis asks Nick for his job back at the bistro but Nick, though torn, points out that business is slack and he's just taken on Kylie. Steve points out to Tracy that now she's successfully split him and Michelle up she can stop playing games and dump Ryan, but Tracy insists that she loves Ryan and she's carrying his child. Steve's thwarted. Seeing Michelle upset, Rob takes her to the bistro and offers her some words of comfort. Steve spots them and is immediately jealous. Mary tells Anna of her plans for a French Night and how she intends to utilise Roy and Hayley's flat for further dining space. Anna's had enough and tells Mary that she's on her own. Mary's stunned. Gloria, taken by Lewis's charm, offers him a job in the Rovers. Steve admits to Lloyd that his master plan has gone sadly awry.


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