Audrey desperately tries to explain to Lewis how she never condoned Gail and Gloria's underhand scheme but Lewis is angry and points out that Audrey went along with it nonetheless. Wendy apologises to Ken for misreading the signals, but Ken is furious and tells Wendy that she almost cost him his marriage once and she's not doing it again. Ken storms out leaving Wendy humiliated. Kirsty arrives home in a bad mood and snaps at Tyrone telling him how because of him, she's had a warning at work about her timekeeping. Jenna gives Sophie a physiotherapy session. She tells Sophie that it's going to be a long hard slog but she'll get there. Kevin's impressed with Jenna's attitude. Audrey's upset and panicky as she shows Gail a note which Lewis has left her explaining that he's taken his things and gone. Lewis calls in the Rovers for his wages. He tells Gloria that he hopes he never has the misfortune to see her again. Nick bumps into Lewis and begs him to give Audrey another chance and not to let Gail's spiteful behaviour come between them. Deirdre's shocked to open the door to Wendy. Vengeful Wendy lies to Deirdre telling her how Ken won't leave her alone and she's going to lodge a formal complaint about him with Brian. Deirdre's disgusted. Tyrone tiptoes round Kirsty, unable to gauge her mood swings. Kevin buys Jenna a drink and tells her how pleased he is to see that Lloyd's got a new girlfriend, Mandy, and seems so happy. Jenna's stunned. Deirdre confronts Ken with Wendy's allegations. Ken protests his innocence and explains how it was Wendy who made a pass at him, but Deirdre's disbelieving. Audrey begs Lewis to put Gloria and Gail's scam behind him, telling him that they can start afresh, but Lewis is hurt to the core and tells Audrey the fact she let them go ahead means that she doesn't trust him and their relationship is over. As Lewis leaves Audrey breaks down in tears.


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