The day of Ida's funeral arrives. Christine delivers a wreath to No.3 where Valerie is helping out while Frank and Ken are out arranging the death certificate and meeting David off a train. They come back with the news that David hasn't arrived. Frank is preoccupied with thinking about his son. David sends a wreath. Broken-hearted Nancy has taken to her bed. Nona arrives to help Jack out while Annie attends the funeral. Her first customer of the day is Jed Stone, looking for Dennis who isn't home. Frank sorts out Ida's insurance policies. Valerie breaks down. Jed calls at No.9 and, telling Linda he is a reformed character, leaves a message for Dennis. Friends and relatives arrive at No.3, awaiting the hearse. Esther agrees to look after Nancy during the funeral. Frank breaks down when he realises David is not returning. The funeral party sets off in the rain while the neighbours watch. Frank, Ken, Valerie, Annie, Harry, Concepta, Albert and Ena, among others, bury Ida. Back at the Rovers, Ena complains that her wreath wasn't at the graveside. Harry stands up for the bus driver, Jim Foster, who ran Ida over. Swindley and Emily call at No.3 and tell Frank that the Mission helpers will assist in looking after Nancy. Harry passes on a message to Frank that David is on the phone at the Rovers but, upset at his son's behaviour, he refuses to take the call. Ken goes to take it and learns that David is nearby. Jed asks Dennis to help him get a job at the Orinoco Club. The Starks return to Weatherfield when Mr Stark can't settle in Birmingham. Jean tells Christine that she's dropped Dennis's guitar and broken it. She doesn't know how to tell him. She is embarrassed when he tells her that he's put a card in the Corner Shop window advertising it for sale. Ken returns and tells Frank that David watched Ida's funeral from a distance but couldn't bring himself to join the others and is now outside, worried what his father will say. Frank goes to speak to him, thanking Ken for his support over the past few days.


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