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Episode 79 (13th September 1961)

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Episode 79
Production code P228/79
ITV transmission date 13th September 1961 (Wednesday)
Serial editor H.V. Kershaw
Writer John Finch
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Vivian Milroy
Producer Derek Granger
Previous episode 11th September 1961
Next episode 18th September 1961


The day of Ida's funeral arrives. Frank becomes preoccupied with the arrival of David. Broken-hearted Nancy takes to her bed. Valerie breaks down over the strain of looking after Ken and Frank. Jed Stone returns and tells Linda he is a reformed character. Frank breaks down when he realises David is not returning. Harry stands up for the bus driver, Jim Foster, who ran Ida over. Frank, Ken, Val, Annie, Concepta, Albert, Ena, Minnie and Martha bury Ida. Jed asks Dennis to help him get a job at the Orinoco Club. The Starks return to Weatherfield when Mr Stark can't settle. Jean drops Dennis' guitar and is embarrassed when he decides to sell it. Frank learns that David watched Ida's funeral from a distance but couldn't bring himself to join the others. He is delighted that he came.


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