Episode 7
ITV release date 28th March 2011
Writer Jonathan Harvey
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode Episode 6
Next episode Episode 8


There is a rare moment of harmony in the Barlow bedroom as the two have just finished watching the film Who Will Love My Children? on the television. Wondering if the star of the film, Ann-Margaret, is dead, Deirdre mentions how Blanche Hunt would assiduously read all of the obituaries to her and the actress must therefore still be alive, otherwise she would know. Deirdre relates how she wanted to be a movie star and Ken says she has the same classical bone structure as the Hollywood greats - such a Buster Keaton, etc. After this bit of teasing, Ken tells her seriously that he still finds her incredibly beautiful. Satisfied by the film, the compliment and a few out of date soft centre chocolates, Mr and Mrs Barlow drift off into a happy sleep.



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