David wakes on Tina's sofa with a hangover. He's in no hurry to speak to Kylie and asks Tina if he can hang around for a while. Tina has no choice but to agree. Kylie fears that David has copped off with a girl but Gail assures her that he's just sulking and will turn up soon enough. Dennis enjoys holding up Steve's taxi with his lollipop when there are no children crossing. Steve calls him a fascist. Eva's jealous that Nick and Leanne are marrying in Las Vegas. When Stella admits she wishes that she could be there, Eva gets an idea. Nick and Leanne excitedly prepare for their holiday. Eva tells Leanne that Stella's putting on a brave face but is really upset. Leanne agrees to talk to her mum. Dennis formally complains to Lloyd about Steve's abusive language. Steve seethes. Stella assures Leanne that she's happy about the wedding and gives her blessing. Ken, Deirdre, Gail and Stella gather to wave off Nick, Leanne and Simon, but just as they are about to depart, Simon's delighted to spot Peter stepping out of a taxi, Carla in his wake. Everyone's stunned. Peter's surprised to hear about Leanne and Nick's wedding while Leanne's annoyed that he didn't tell anyone he was returning. Carla is clearly not happy to be back. Tyrone conceals his dread when Kirsty arranges for Julie to babysit Ruby so they can have a romantic night out together. Simon's thrilled to see his dad. Peter explains that he and Carla toured the Caribbean islands before ending up in Los Angeles, where he joined a programme and successfully sorted out his drinking. Peter reveals they are staying until Boxing Day. Tommy calls at the flat to collect his stuff and is shocked to see David emerging from the shower. Tommy's disgusted with Tina, who refuses to explain herself and sends him packing. Mandy tells Eileen that she intends to make it her mission to find Stella a new man. Tommy seeks out Kylie and tells her that David spent the night with Tina. The red mist descends and Kylie storms round to Tina's flat. Nick's anxious to leave but Simon refuses to go on holiday while Peter is back. Not trusting Peter around Simon, Leanne declares they are all staying put and the wedding is off.


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