Gail's frosty towards Nick, sulking because he sacked her. Nick's unsympathetic, pointing out that she boycotted his wedding. David's fed-up with their bickering. Jenna psyches herself up and explains to Mandy that she's gay and she did kiss Sophie. Mandy's taken aback. Tracy's furious when she receives a divorce petition through the post from Steve. Owen admits to Anna that he threatened Tim and told him to stay away from Faye. Audrey and David insist that Gail and Nick meet them for a drink in the Rovers to sort out their differences. Gail and Nick reluctantly agree. Jenna attends her tribunal at which she truthfully explains how she kissed Sophie, her patient. Gail listens to her Italian for Lovers DVD and practises her Italian. When Lewis returns home, Gail announces that she's looked into raising some money against the house and wants them to follow their Italian dream. Jenna and Lloyd wait nervously for the results of the tribunal. Faye's furious when Anna bans her from using the internet, worried that she might use it to contact Tim. Audrey, David and Nick wait patiently for Gail in the Rovers, but it becomes clear that she's stood them up. Deirdre advises Tracy to put her pride to one side and sign the divorce papers. Gail and Lewis, entwined on the sofa, kiss passionately. Suddenly the door opens and Audrey enters looking for Gail. She's stunned to find her daughter draped all over Lewis.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Gail is caught in a compromising position with Lewis; Jenna prepares for her employment tribunal; and Tracy receives a divorce petition in the post from Steve.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 9,170,000 viewers (5th place).
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