David arrives at Kylie's bedside in a panic, distraught that she may lose the baby. Gail tells David how Kylie went on a bender despite her being pregnant. Kylie regains consciousness and lies to David telling him that she had a few drinks because she was missing him. David assures her that he loves her. Gail fumes quietly at Kylie's deceit. Gloria and Stella bicker about their respective boyfriends. Eva feels left out and lonely. Nick tries to make Gail see that by telling David the truth - that the baby may not be his - it will wreck his life, but Gail remains adamant the truth will be bound to come out. Faye asks Tim if he'll help her learn her lines for the school play. Tim agrees to meet her in the café later. Anna has little choice but to agree. Consumed with guilt, Kylie tells David how much he means to her and how sorry she is for being such an idiot. When Steph's DJ lets her down, Michelle and Katy have a brainwave and suggest that Ryan does the gig instead. Ryan's thrilled. Suddenly Kylie's wracked with pain. The consultant tells David that Kylie's suffering internal bleeding and needs emergency surgery. David's beside himself. When Jason offers to take Stella to an Italian restaurant, Gloria lords it over them telling them how she and Eric prefer fine dining. Eric sees Gloria in her true colours. Gail tells Nick that David's just phoned and Kylie has taken a turn for the worse. Eva pours her heart out to Eric about her bad luck with men. Eric assures her that she'll meet Mr Right very soon. Jenna catches Lloyd showing Steve the replacement tortoise he's bought. Lloyd is forced to come clean and Jenna warns him that Mandy will kill him if she finds out the truth. David breaks down on Gail, distraught at the thought of losing his baby. Tim presents Faye with a new laptop. Owen's furious when Anna overrules him and allows Faye to keep it. Determined that David deserves to know the truth, Gail sets off to find him but Nick stops her and confesses that he's the man Kylie slept with and David must never find out. Gail's dumbfounded.


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  • An uncredited Joseph Brown appears in this episode played by twins Ronnie & Tommy, whose surnames are unknown.
  • TV Times synopsis: David is distraught that Kylie might lose the baby; Eva pours out her heart to Eric about her bad luck with men; Owen is furious when Tim gives Faye a new laptop; Steph's DJ lets her down; and Jenna catches Lloyd showing Steve the replacement tortoise he's bought.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,740,000 viewers (5th place).
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