Owen breaks up the fight and sends Gary packing. Katy swears to Chesney that she hasn't done anything wrong. Chesney runs off. Eileen ropes Tommy into doing the charity skit but needs more volunteers as Steve and Lloyd have bailed out. Chesney throws everyone out of No.5 while he has it out with Katy. She maintains that nothing happened. Karl is preoccupied with Stella and Jason's closeness. Katy admits she lied about going out with her mates but says she wanted excitement as she's old before her time and feels she's suffocating at home. Chesney reminds her that she chose to have a baby. When she talks about how exciting Ryan is, he accuses her of rubbing his face in it. Dev wants to celebrate getting back with Sunita at the Rovers to show they don't care what people think. Sunita isn't keen on the idea but agrees. Katy thinks she and Chesney will be okay if they start making more time for themselves. He tells her the wedding is off and starts deleting photos of her from his phone. She begs for forgiveness. Sylvia tells Michelle to sort Ryan out. Karl, Jason and Rob join Paul's charity bit. Deirdre suggests Eileen ask Dr Carter. Stella can't believe Dev has taken Sunita back and warns him she's only cutting her losses. The older residents appreciate the atmosphere at the Rovers with the music off and the candles. Emily is reminded of the air raid shelters in the war. Rita leads everyone in choruses of The White Cliffs of Dover and We'll Meet Again. Chesney is disgusted when Katy swears on Joseph's life that she didn't sleep with Ryan. He says it doesn't make any difference as she wanted him. He tells her to pack her bags and get out. Dr Carter agrees to take part. Katy leaves No.5. Dev starts having doubts.


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