Jason's shocked when he spots Karl and Stella in an affectionate exchange. Dev informs Steve and Lloyd that his official period of mourning is over, but he still doesn't feel ready to move on with his life. Steve's sympathetic. Paul's slept on the sofa. While Eileen's hopeful they can overcome their problems, Paul announces that he's moving out today. Eileen's gutted. Karl's prepared to take things slowly but is surprised when Stella insists they should jump right in and pick up where they left off, pointing out that life's too short. Jason convinces himself that Stella and Karl have reunited. Gloria's also suspicious, and confides in Leanne, who can't believe Stella would be that stupid. Stella checks Owen's progress on the Rovers. She agrees to chase her insurance company so that he can be paid. Anna takes a sickly Faye with her to the café. Roy refuses to let her infect his customers so Tim offers to look after her for the day at his flat. Anna's forced to agree, delighting Faye. Gloria and Leanne tackle Karl and Stella, who admit they are back together. Thrilled Gloria offers her congratulations, while Leanne's disgusted with Stella for forgiving Karl. Tim shows Faye the sofa-bed he's got for when she comes to stay. Faye quizzes him about her real mum, and Tim opens up about the past. Faye's agog to hear all about her early years and is clearly besotted by Tim. Julie finds Paul with his bags packed and invites him to stay with her and Brian until he finds somewhere of his own. Eileen's annoyed at Julie for taking sides. Still stewing, Leanne tells Dev that Stella's taken Karl back. Dev's lost for words. Anna calls at Tim's flat to collect Faye, but she refuses to leave. Anna cannot believe her ears when Faye announces that she wants to live with her dad.


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