Episode 8111
Episode 8111
Production code P694/8111
ITV transmission date 24th April 2013
Script editor Jo Schofield
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Catherine Perrin
Kate Brooks
Stacey-Lee Eccles
Writer John Kerr
Designer Alan Davis
Director Tim Finn
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 22nd April 2013
Next episode 26th April 2013


Katy's hungover. Ryan offers to make her some breakfast. Michelle advises Katy to forget Ryan and try and sort things out with Chesney. Tim calls at No.11 with Faye. Sean notices how tired Faye looks and she explains how she went to the cinema with her dad and hasn't had any breakfast. Tina's thrilled when she gets a call from the police to say they've caught the guy who burgled her flat and retrieved most of her belongings. Gary offers to run her to the police station and Tina's grateful. Leanne arrives in the bookies and to Peter's horror, marches behind the counter explaining that she's come to save the business before he runs it into the ground. Sean lets slip to Anna how Faye stayed up late, didn't have time for breakfast. Anna's furious and vows to have it out with Tim but Owen calms her down, pointing out that she'll only upset Faye. Intent on building bridges, Chesney sets off to find Katy. He's gutted when he spots her leaving Ryan's flat having clearly stayed out all night. Mary calls at No.7 and insists on cooking a meal for Dev and the twins. As Mary makes to leave, Asha and Aadi insist that she stays for a game of Monopoly. Mary's delighted and even Dev's pleased to have her company. When Katy confesses to staying the night at Ryan's flat, Owen is furious and tells her to make up her mind who she wants. Leanne tells Peter it's time they gave the bookies a makeover to boost business but Peter points out there's no money to fund it. When Michelle suggests to Ryan he should leave Katy alone and that it's only a crush, Ryan snaps at her, telling her to back off. Tommy's annoyed to see Gary with Tina again. Tina explains that she's got her things back from the police station but unfortunately they didn't find her dad's wedding ring. Katy tries again to make peace with Chesney and assures him she didn't sleep with Ryan but Chesney remains angry. Tommy invites Tina out for lunch at the bistro and she agrees. Tommy's pleased. Broken-hearted, Chesney tells Fiz how Katy spent the night at Ryan's flat and he's lost her forever.


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