Stella's beside herself as she explains to Leanne how the cheque she's given Owen is sure to bounce, she can't pay Kevin's rent on No.13 and they're going to be homeless. When Steve places some complicated bets, Rob struggles with the maths and Peter enjoys belittling him. Rob's left fuming. Eileen tries to busy herself by icing the cake she's made but Jason can see that she's worried sick about Paul. Leanne cruelly suggests to Stella that when Karl finds out that she's bankrupt, she won't see him for dust. Stella tells Karl how the insurance company have rejected her claim because the Rovers' keys were unsecured behind the bar. Karl feels terrible. When Karl finds out from Stella how Leanne reckons that he's only after her money, he's furious and assures Stella he'll stick by her come what may. In a fury, Owen confronts Stella telling her that the cheque she gave him bounced. Karl covers for her by convincing Owen it's just a glitch and it'll be sorted. Rob admits to Tracy that he's had a tough day at the bookies but when Peter and Carla arrive, he puts on the old swagger. Tyrone hands Hayley her car keys telling her that she can pick up the Woody whenever she likes. Sylvia admits that she's not really looking forward to returning to the care home. When Gloria hears about Stella's predicament, she suggests they ask Leanne to invest the money she got from the bookies in the Rovers instead. Carla sees Peter handing Steve some cash and demands to know what's going on. Peter admits that he and Steve had a wager on Rob. Carla's unimpressed. Paul arrives home to Eileen's relief and produces first class train tickets to see Todd. Eileen's thrilled. David returns home exhausted after a day at the salon and an evening working at the bistro. Kylie feels guilty under Gail's disapproving gaze. Stella, Karl and Gloria approach Leanne in the bistro. Stella swallows her pride and asks Leanne if she'd be prepared to invest her money in the Rovers. Leanne agrees, on one condition - she dumps Karl.


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