Karl and Stella share their happy news. Gloria's delighted and urges them to set a date. Gary assures Izzy that he'll look for another building job so she can stay at home when the baby arrives. When Tim takes Faye to the café for her breakfast, Anna's quietly concerned that he's not looking after her properly. Against Sylvia's wishes, Hayley hands Roy the letter from his father, but Hayley's taken aback when Roy tosses it in the bin without reading it, adamant he wants nothing to do with St. John. Gloria suggests to Stella that they throw an engagement party but Stella's not keen, pointing out they've no money. In the salon, David's too tired to concentrate and accidentally snips Dennis's ear. Audrey sends him home. Stella tells Leanne of her engagement. Leanne insists she's making a huge mistake and refuses to attend the wedding. Having done the sums, Owen tells Anna that he's little choice but to accept Stella's offer of half the pub as the alternative is bankruptcy. Anna's shocked. Owen tells Stella that he'll accept her offer of 50% of the Rovers. Faye shows Anna a certificate she's been awarded at school. Anna's heart swells with pride. Despite Stella's objections, Gloria organises a gathering of friends at the bistro to celebrate Karl and Stella's engagement. She orders fizz, insisting that she'll pay. Whilst working at the bistro, David has a funny turn and drops a tray of glasses. Nick, seeing that David isn't well, phones Kylie. Tina has tea with Gary and Izzy. It's clear that Gary and Tina enjoy each other's company and Izzy can't help but feel a pang of jealousy. Owen arrives in the bistro and is unimpressed to see penniless Stella drinking fizz. He marches over and telling her that the deal is off, demands she pays up or he'll sue.


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