Episode 8123
Episode 8123
Production code P694/8123
ITV transmission date 10th May 2013
(Friday - Part 2)
Script editor Jo Schofield
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Catherine Perrin
Kate Brooks
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Alan Davis
Director Kay Patrick
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 10th May 2013
Next episode 13th May 2013


Max does his best to wake David but can't. He finds David's mobile. Nick's alarmed when Max phones and tells him that David's fallen over in the park and seems to be asleep. Nick promises to come and find them. Izzy and Gary continue to row over the £200. Thoroughly embarrassed, Tina leaves them to it. Gary assures Izzy that the only reason he spent £200 on Tina was to show his gratitude as she's doing such a huge thing for them. Jealous Izzy isn't convinced. Nick reaches Max and Joseph in the park just as David regains consciousness. David realises he's had an epileptic fit. Roy clearly has mixed emotions about opening St. John's letter. Anna gives Faye her tea and it's obvious that it's the first decent meal she's had in ages. When Tim calls round looking for Faye, Anna invites him in to wait. Gloria tells Stella that she's mad trying to sell the Rovers in its current state but Stella snaps at her that she hasn't any choice. David returns home full of self-pity and worried that nobody will trust him with their kids in future. Nick assures him that won't be the case. Gary has a go at Tommy, blaming him for the fact that Izzy thinks he fancies Tina. Owen's unimpressed to find Anna has fed Faye and done her washing. Angrily, Owen points out Tim's shortcomings and tells him that he's not fit to be a full-time dad. Tina calls on Izzy and insists on repaying her the £200 which Gary spent on the ring. Desperate to earn some money, Stella tells Nick that she'd like to apply for the position of cleaner at the bistro. David calls at the bistro and tells Nick and Kylie how the doctor has told him that he's got to get plenty of rest and mustn't drink. Nick and Kylie promise to help him every step of the way. David thanks them for being the best brother and wife anyone could wish for.


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