Leanne can't guarantee Stella she'll support her and Karl, but Dev wishes them well. Gloria wonders what Stella is up to. David ignores Kylie's calls while he considers his next move in the Rovers. Roy thinks Beth is behind the strange goings-on at the cafe when he hears her and Tracy making jokes about ghosts. Katy asks Owen to let her and Ryan the flat rent-free, as they don't feel welcome at Michelle and Steve's. He refuses to let them have it even if they pay as he doesn't like Ryan. Kylie announces to David that they're going to a cottage in Cheshire for the night. He barely reacts and behaves moodily. Stella pays Owen the last £2,000 of the money she owes him. He laughs at her suggestion that he can go easy on Tina now. Chesney tells Katy he should have Joseph if they're having trouble living with Steve and Michelle. Katy says it was just a bargaining tactic with Owen. Ryan asks her to slow things down anyway. Gloria thinks Leanne is pregnant. David is intrigued when Kylie says Nick helped pay for their trip. She tries to cheer him up, not realising the true reason for his mood. Stella is pleased when Leanne joins the well-wishers as she announces she's set a date for the wedding.


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