Hayley and Sylvia are woken by the fire alarm. Roy has put something in the oven and is sleeping blissfully unaware on the cafe floor. Tommy tells Rita he feels shut out by Tina. She overhears and is livid. Tina mouths off at Kylie and nearly lets the cat out of the bag. David reminds her he told her about Kylie cheating on him in confidence. Faye washes her shirt in the sink but has no money for school dinners. Norris fusses over Emily. Hayley is at her wit's end and tells Fiz and Sean about Roy's sleepwalking. A hungry Faye tries to steal a pot-noodle from the Corner Shop but is caught by Mary. Sophie is hard on her but Mary takes her through to the back when she realises Faye doesn't have any food. Faye says she'd arranged to meet Tim for lunch but he cancelled because of work. Emily realises she's been too harsh with Norris and tells him he can have No.3 and she'll sign it over to him immediately. Norris is overwhelmed by her kindness. Hayley and Fiz have another go at Roy and he agrees to see a doctor. David witnesses a row between Nick and Peter and keys Peter's car. Hayley gets an appointment for Roy for this evening. Roy thinks it's too soon. Rita suggests Tina and Tommy go away somewhere together and offers them money to go to the Bahamas. Tina is grateful but doesn't want to leave the Street at the moment. Mary tells Owen what happened with Faye. He checks on her but she doesn't answer the door. When he lets himself into the flat using Dev's spare key, she makes excuses for Tim's absence but then admits he's in Newcastle. Owen is clearly appalled but tells Faye he cares about her.


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  • Two schoolgirls have lines in this episode but aren't credited.
  • TV Times synopsis: Mary worries about Faye after catching her stealing food from the shop and uses Dev's spare key to get into Tim’s flat; Roy sleepwalks again and almost burns down the café; and David vandalises Peter's car as his plans for revenge on Nick take another twist.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,720,000 viewers (6th place).
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