Carla accuses Peter of gambling her money away. Hayley is booked in at the hospital for an ultrasound as she has abnormal liver functions. She is shocked. Peter hides from Carla at No.1 but Tracy and Rob rub salt in the wounds. Rita guilts Norris into taking her, Emily and Dennis out to dinner at the bistro to celebrate him becoming the owner of No.3. Hayley tells Roy and Sylvia everything went fine. Eileen tells Lloyd that although she doesn't agree with Paul, Lloyd is in the wrong too. Lloyd gets annoyed and sends her home. Carla tells Deirdre she's worried Peter is going to blow it. Eileen and Paul struggle to enjoy a drink in the Rovers with Sophie, Jenna and Lloyd present. They eventually leave. Rob tells Tracy the car was a repossession and he got £3,000 commission for selling it for £30,000. He is keen on her idea of opening a cash converters. Deirdre lets Peter stay the night at No.1. He tells her that he's finished if he has another day like today.


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Deirdre Barlow (to Carla Connor): "Just think of me as Switzerland in glasses."

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