Roy tries to make light of his comment but Fiz demands to know what is wrong and is stunned to hear about Hayley's diagnosis. Hayley asks Roy how he could do what he did. As an angry Lloyd confronts Paul, accusing him of trying to bully Jenna into backing his story about not being a racist, Eileen drags Paul into No. 11. Mandy angrily tells Lloyd she is sick of hearing of the matter. Tina tries to put a brave face on the news of Jake returning home. As news of Hayley's condition spreads around the party, the residents offer their support but Hayley admonishes Roy for making her an object of people's attention and storms out. Carla and Peter go shopping for an engagement ring where he is persuaded to buy one for £4,500, accepting that Carla will have to contribute to the cost. Tracy tries to tell Roy that she is sorry to hear about Hayley but he accuses her of causing it through stress. When Tracy suggests that the true reason was the drugs and hormones she took for her sex-change, Fiz almost goes for her. Back at the flat Hayley refuses to talk to Roy. Sylvia tells him the best support he can offer isn't internet research or advice but just being there for her. Tina tells Tommy they need a holiday. Mandy and Lloyd bicker in the Rovers about his behaviour and an upset Jenna walks out on them. A furious Sophie rings the Fire Service and reports Paul. Roy makes Hayley a meal of her favourite things - cheese on toast and sugary tea - in order to apologise and Sylvia leaves them alone to talk. Audrey hears that the damp problem is worse than she thought. Dennis and Emily wind up Norris that No. 3 has never had house insurance. As Audrey's party continues, the residents offer up a toast to Hayley's recovery. The lady in question is delighted with her meal and tells Roy all she wants is to be held. He does so and she confesses how scared she is. He does the same but promises her that neither of them is going to be alone for a very long time.


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