Episode 8199
Production code P694/8199
ITV transmission date 26th August 2013
(Monday - Part 1)
Script editor Kathryn Pugsley
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Kate Brooks
Furquan Akhtar
Gareth McLean
Writer Jonathan Harvey
Designer Alan Davis
Director Nicky Higgens
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 23rd August 2013
Next episode 26th August 2013


Sally and Anna prepare their garden parties even though it's pouring rain. Norris is put out when he isn't invited to either party. Leanne is on edge and sends Kylie home from the bistro when she says she's not well. Tina ignores David's calls. Julie tries to lift Eileen's spirits by suggesting a fun day out but Eileen's not in the mood. Steve, Michelle, Tim, Sophie, Beth and Sinead go to Sally's party while Owen, Izzy, Sean, Katy, and Faye go to Anna's. Sally and Anna try to out-do each other, with each turning their music up to drown out the other. The police tell Leanne the hate campaign and the car crash aren't linked. She was hoping they were as she would have someone else to blame for the crash - as she called Nick just before it happened, she feels she's as good as killed him. Tina overhears their conversation. Sally annoys her guests by playing opera. Faye wants to go to Sally's party to see Tim but Anna won't let her. Sinead tells Chesney she's happy for him but Beth is tougher on him. Tina tells David she doesn't believe he didn't have a hand in the crash as people always pay the price when they cross him. She drags him to the bistro to tell Kylie and Leanne the truth. Alone at No.8, Kylie keels over from labour pains. Her calls for help are heard by Sean and Izzy but they think nothing of it. Roy and Hayley arrive back from their holiday, having had a great time. Fiz shows them Sylvia's letter. Sally lets Tim go through to Anna's party. Sean investigates the noise from No.8 and rushes to Kylie's aid when he sees her on the floor. David tells Leanne he has something to tell her.


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