Episode 8205
Production code P694/8205
ITV transmission date 2nd September 2013
(Monday - Part 2)
Script editor Jo Schofield
Story editor Martin Sterling
Story associates Lee O'Donnell
Kate Brooks
Furquan Akhtar
Gareth McLean
Writer Debbie Oates
Designer Alan Davis
Director Ian Bevitt
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 2nd September 2013
Next episode 4th September 2013


The consultant tells Roy the tumour couldn't be removed. Karl admits giving Craig money to cheer him up. Dev notes that he never gave Aadi and Asha anything when he was with Sunita but remains unconvinced. Sinead decides to try again with Chesney. He is pleased. Hayley is brought back from the operating theatre. Unable to bring himself to tell her the news, Roy tells her to rest. Steve asks Carla if Michelle can have a day off. She tells him to let Michelle speak to her herself if she has a problem. Hayley realises the operation hasn't worked when she sees the clock. Jason decides to ask Craig what Karl has been saying to him. The consultant tells the Croppers that Hayley's tumour is inoperable as it encases a vital vein. He doesn't know for sure how long she has but the average is six months, twelve with chemotherapy. Michelle warns Steve about talking to Carla behind her back. Karl forces an apology out of Craig for letting him down. Roy phones Fiz to tell her about Hayley but he's too shell-shocked to say much. Fiz breaks down over the news. Roy puts Hayley's wedding ring back on.


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