Gloria tells Stella that she likes the Rovers and is reluctant to sell her share. Michelle demands that Ryan gets a regular paying job. David is alarmed when Kylie says he talks in his sleep. Exhausted and stressed out, she snaps at him. Hayley asks Roy to go with her to Bury. Peter's got a big client meeting with a lucrative potential contract at stake but Michelle refuses to help, sticking to her remit as PA. Hayley is nervous as Christian is late. He texts Hayley to say he can’t bring himself to see her. She calmly accepts the rejection. Matthew Grayshot arrives at Underworld for the meeting but unnerves Peter with his hard-headed approach to business. Stella shows an Estate Agent round the Rovers, much to Norris’s interest. David lays on a surprise mid-day meal to cheer Kylie up. The meeting with Matthew goes badly when he finds a discrepancy in Peter’s figures and a hot drink is spilt over him when Michelle tries to help. Nevertheless, they win the contract. Kylie apologises for her attitude. Gloria agrees to the selling of the Rovers. Peter and Michelle bicker over the meeting with Matthew. He accuses her of undermining him. She hits the roof and quits on the spot.


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