Nick continues to speak David’s name. The Rehabilitation Nurse thinks David’s presence might help matters. Gail rings him and summons him to the hospital. Michelle argues with Ryan, thinking that his idea of going back to Ibiza is stupid. Hayley returns from her CT scan. She talks about keeping a journal of her final days and tries to persuade Roy to keep on with his driving lessons. Michelle tries to persuade Ryan to stay, worried about the drugs scene in Ibiza, but he refuses to change his plans. David turns up to see Nick. He talks to him as the womenfolk watch on but Nick suddenly has a panic attack, setting off the alarms. Faye is upset when Grace Piper refuses to contact her. Owen tries to chase up a big debt from a slippery customer, Pat Phelan, who has declared himself bankrupt. Nick calms down but the staffs are puzzled over what brought on the panic attack. David leaves the hospital and goes to the Rovers, unable to listen to any more. He tells Tina what happened at the hospital and how terrified Nick looked when he saw him. Ryan can’t find his passport anywhere and thinks Michelle has hidden it. She helps him look and finds it, giving him her reluctant blessing. Wanting the rental money, Owen offers the Victoria Street flat back to Tina. Gary and Owen try to think of an unorthodox way of getting the money back from the customer. David sneaks back to the hospital to talk to Nick who is scared stiff when he sees him. David begs him to say nothing of the car crash as they will all suffer from the consequences if he does.


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