Episode 8236
Episode 8236
Production code P694/8236
ITV transmission date 16th October 2013
Script editor Kathryn Pugsley
Story editor Martin Sterling
Story associates Furquan Akhtar
Kate Brooks
Stacey-Lee Eccles
Gareth McLean
Lee O'Donnell
Writer Chris Fewtrell
Designer Alan Davis
Director John Anderson
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 14th October 2013
Next episode 18th October 2013


Hayley is enjoying her break in a Blackpool hotel chosen by Fiz and Tyrone. She is determined to put her condition behind her and enjoy herself. Back in Weatherfield it’s the day of Lily’s christening and Kylie is a bag of nerves. Rita asks Dennis to drop her engagement ring off at the jeweller's for a clean. Although trepidacious to learn that Roy has drawn up an itinerary for their trip, Hayley is delighted to learn that it includes a visit to the Tower Ballroom. Michelle continues to give Steve a hard time over his deception and is in despair when her dad announces in a fit of temper that he’s divorcing her mother. Leanne is depressed over Nick’s seeming despondency. Unsure of what David knows, Kylie asks him if he loves and trusts her and to tell her now if there’s anything he’s unsure about. David reassures her. Roy is alarmed when his itinerary is whipped away by the wind from an open-topped tram ride. Hayley tells him to relax and live in the moment. Kylie goes to speak to Tina, apologising for her behaviour and begging her to reveal what her and David’s secret is. Backed into a corner Tina urges her to speak to Nick. The penny drops for Kylie: Tina knows about her and Nick - and so does David. Dennis receives a council tax bill for £512.48 which has been due for several years. He refuses to ask Rita to pay it for him. Although Roy hates amusement arcades, he manages to win a cuddly toy for Hayley. Kylie goes to see Nick and demands answers. He tells her about the hate campaign and she realises that David also caused the car crash. She is horrified at the lengths that David will go to but Nick tells her that for the sake of a united and happy family she must put it behind her the same way that he has. Hayley makes a reluctant Roy go paddling. He enjoys the experience. They then go to the Ballroom but find it is shut for routine maintenance. Hayley and Roy are not happy. Hayley insists on visiting a tarot booth. Roy’s sceptical but agrees. The christening begins but when the vows reach the point about renouncing evil, Kylie refuses to go on. She is about to leave the church but Audrey insists that they all go somewhere private to sort matters out. In the vestry, the entire truth comes out. A stunned Leanne walks out on Nick while Gail is furious at David's evil plans of murdering his own brother. The family all turn against on David, taking Nick home with them and telling David to keep away from them. A drunken Barry comes on to Liz, witnessed by an appalled Michelle. She tears a strip off him. Visiting tarot reader Mary-Ann Galloway, they are told that the cards say that she should return to the Ballroom. They do so, to find that Mary-Ann’s son, Michael, is the manager and she has arranged for it to be opened for them. The two dance alone to the Wurlitzer. David tries to return home but Gail throws him out of the house. Roy and Hayley sit and watch the incoming tide at the end of their day.


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