Episode 8305
Production code P694/8305
ITV transmission date 20th January 2014
(Monday - Part 2)
Script editor Kathryn Pugsley
Story editor Kate Brooks
Story associates Martin Sterling
Lee O'Donnell
Furquan Akhtar
Gareth McLean
Stacey-Lee Eccles
Writer Chris Fewtrell
Designer Alan Davis
Director Kay Patrick
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 20th January 2014
Next episode 22nd January 2014


Hayley irons Roy's best shirt for the funeral. Sinead moves into No.5. Roy buys cards from the Kabin for Hayley to write to Ruby, Hope and Joseph. Roy pleads with Hayley to see that there is still joy to be had, but she stands firm, saying that she won't be in control for much longer. Having made her peace, she's ready to go. She tells Roy they should be proud of the lives they've touched and makes him promise that he'll be her eyes, ears and heart for years to come. He leads her to the bedroom, where she has prepared a lethal cocktail overdosed with her medicine. She asks him not to touch anything. Tyrone searches the cafe for Ruby's stuffed kangaroo and insists on checking the flat too. Anna lets him check with Roy but Roy refuses to let him in. Tyrone feels guilty for disturbing them, while Anna realises what's happening and closes the cafe, sitting alone in the dark. Hayley and Roy have a final conversation, reminiscing about the past. She says she knows what it is to be loved thanks to him. He breaks down. Hayley says that she is so sorry, but she has to go. Hayley quickly downs the glass, though Roy tries to stop her. He tells her that he loves her. Seeing the cafe in darkness, Carla knocks on the door and asks to see Hayley. Anna weakly tries to say everything is fine but Carla rushes upstairs. As soon as they enter the room, they find Roy cradling a lifeless Hayley in the bedroom.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit




  • This episode features the death of Hayley Cropper, although her final appearance is the next episode in which her body is seen.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 9,530,000 viewers (2nd place).
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