Episode 8333
Episode 8333
Production code P694/8333
ITV transmission date 28th February 2014
(Friday - Part 2)
Script editor Verity MacLeod
Story editor Kate Brooks
Story associates Martin Sterling
Lee O'Donnell
Furquan Akhtar
Gareth McLean
Stacey-Lee Eccles
Writer Simon Crowther
Designer Alan Davis
Director Tony Prescott
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 28th February 2014
Next episode 3rd March 2014


Owen drops Gary at the hospital and leaves a nonchalant business call on Phelan's mobile. Gary joins Izzy and Anna just after Jake has been diagnosed with a urine infection, treatable with antibiotics. Izzy demands to know where he has been. Beth revels in the praise of Maureen Rothwell as she tells PC Burke how brave she's been. Kal asks Stella to invite Jason to Dev's party as a peace-offering. Eileen’s put out to find Liz and Tony enjoying a drink together. Jake is brought home. Gary is distracted and he and Owen are perturbed to see a police car pull up outside but it's only to drop Beth and Sinead back home. Liz feels guilty, wondering if Eileen still carries a torch for Tony. Owen tells Gary to keep calm and act as if nothing has happened. Gary worries what Phelan will do to him if he's recovered. Beth basks in glory as Sinead regales Chesney and Kirk with the tale of how she fought off Maureen’s mugger single-handed. Owen and Anna chat but neither reveals their secrets to each other. Owen and Gary pull up at Phelan’s house and see that it’s in darkness. They knock on the door but get no one answer. Todd tells Jason he shouldn't hold grudges against Tony. Beth bores the regulars with stories of her heroism. Owen and Gary worry what will happen next.


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Sinead Tinker (about Beth Tinker): "She is a heroine."
Kirk Sutherland: "She's on heroin?!"

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