Peter and Carla arrive back from the lodge. Steph irritates Tina by going on about fit blokes and planning a girl's night in. Owen is resigned to a difficult few months working under Phelan. Todd tells Jason about Eileen and Liz falling out over Tony. Jason is nonplussed. Carla unwittingly sticks the knife in by waxing lyrical about her romantic night with Peter, with Tina in earshot. Gary feels guilty at causing Owen's troubles but is forbidden from going to the police by Owen. Steph helps Sophie get ready for her "date" with Maddie. Peter tells Tina he feels terrible for letting her down but there was no way out of it. They arrange to meet later to try again. Tony chides Dev for not supporting local tradesmen. Peter tells Carla he has to support his alcoholic friend but he agrees to be back home by 8.00pm as Carla is cooking a meal. Tony tries to discuss a job possibility with Jason but he doesn't want to know. Liz warns Tina that Peter doesn't really care about her and will never leave Carla; she's just another bottle of booze to him. Eileen accuses Tony of causing trouble and tells him to do one. Tina abandons Steph and Katy's night in to see Peter. Tony prepares to break into builder Graham Naisby's van; Naisby has been hired to do the work at the gym. Tina meets Peter but her mood sours when she finds out he's booked a B&B and only has a few hours to spare her. She realises Liz is right and walks off.


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  • TV Times synopsis: While the new builder is being shown around the gym, Tony breaks into his van; Liz warns Tina that Peter is using her; and Gary and Owen agree to finish the mill.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,570,000 viewers (8th place).
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